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Planting the Seeds for Summer

You may be wondering what is going on with my garden this year.  Last year I was posting in March with my total garden strategy and well laid out plans for seed starting.  It’s now well into May and no word…what gives? Well, this year my husband and I volunteered to coach our son’s baseball team and our Spring has taken on a whole other level of busy.  That’s not to …Read More

Watercress and Lemon “Pea-sto”

Every time Spring rolls around, I start craving fresh, green ingredients that mirror the season.  I want things with bright flavors and crisp bite; watercress is the perfect choice. Watercress is a spicy, petite green with an interesting flavor that is similar to arugula, without the “earthy” bite.  To quench my craving, I decided to take the watercress out of the salad bowl and see how I could spread the flavor all around my plate. …Read More

April Fool’s Day Brown-E Surprise

Who doesn’t love a laugh? April Fool’s Day, April 1st, is the perfect day to revel in the silliness of life. My 6 year old is particularly keen on the idea of April Fools, and any chance he can get to “trick his Daddy.”  So last year we fooled him pretty good with a Brown-E Surprise.  My son had a lot of fun with the whole thing: the planning, execution, …Read More

Vegan Teriyaki Cabbage Rolls

There are some dishes that, although they vary with the specifics, can be found all around the world. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls are one of those dishes.  The basics are usually the same – meat, grain, and seasonings, wrapped in a cabbage leaf, cooked (baked, boiled, or steamed), and then served with a sauce. Most people are familiar with the Polish version which is served with a tomato sauce; but in …Read More

Shaved Brussel Sprout and Lentil Salad

Writing this recipe is almost too hard to do.  Looking at these pictures, my stomach is literally growling and my taste buds are salivating.  I am enviously walking down my own memory lane remembering all the different tastes this brussel sprout and lentil salad had.  I made it for a dinner gathering recently, and ended up eating the leftovers for days…and here I am still wanting more! (You know a …Read More